Submit your pre-conference workshop application

The ADR UK Conference 2023 call for abstracts is now closed. The submission deadline was Sunday 23 April 2023. 

Pre-conference workshops will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday 14 November. They can be run as in-person or hybrid (mix of online and in-person) workshops. These workshops allow for a deeper discussion on a topic related to a conference theme and should be as interactive as possible. 


Conference theme: Public data for resilience and inclusion

Using administrative data to inform policy and practice in challenging times



Research to support renewal, recovery and resilience: policy-relevant data linkage research

  • Health data ​ 
  • Crime, justice and policing  
  • Education and care pathways and outcomes  
  • Understanding households and the use of Census data  
  • Environment and climate change  

Ethics, law and social implications

  • Ethical, legal and social aspects of population data use including collection, use, sharing and ownership
  • Decision-making and data: Who should be in the room?
  • Implications of ethical, legal, and social aspects of data use for emerging applications like artificial intelligence
  • Trustworthy ways of working: Do the legal aspects of population data use align with public perceptions of the ‘public good’ use of data for research and statistics? 

Data linkage, methods, systems and technology: methodological developments

  • Improving data and linkage quality​ 
  • Mixed methods research, including causal inference and selection biases​ 
  • Privacy enhancing techniques​ 
  • Developing and improving data services​ 
  • Open research, transparency and reproducibility​ 

Public engagement and involvement in population data research

  • Data literacy and upskilling the nation: How should we communicate our work to the public? 
  • Embedding public engagement and involvement in the development and delivery of data linkage and research​ 
  • Innovative practice around inclusion of public voices​ 
  • Mechanisms for meaningful and purposeful two-way engagement 
  • Transparent public engagement and involvement practices